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My Creativity, Art, and Design Philosophy

As a writer, I am compelled to describe and illuminate all things with words, sentences, paragraphs, written language. But design, art, and creativity in general do not readily render themselves as candidates for such expression. That is because there is hardly any consensus on what these things are, let alone why they are. 


So, instead of getting myself into all kinds of knots and twists trying to represent all opinions on the subjects, I will focus only on the 'why', specifically my 'why' for it is the only one I feel comfortable enough to explore and express in written language. 


Disappointingly, my 'why' is a generic one,  a noncommittal one, a vague one, a slippery one. My why is about how creativity, art, and design expands the possibilities and realities of our existence and lived experiences beyond what nature intended.  I believe it is only through art and design that we can truly find ourselves, linked but unconstrained by the strings that connect us to one another, to our environments and to the world, to reality and beyond, outside the bounds of space and time. 


Writing ...


Although I am passionate about art and design, my first and true love is writing. I write fiction and nonfiction and am not one to shy away from experimentation. I thrive from challenging myself to reveal and discover another part of me which was hitherto hidden under the many layers of social conditioning,  suppressed memories, and other maladies that constrain our lived experiences and perception of reality. Writing allows me to step outside of myself, embody other beings, other entities, and  experience what it feels to not be myself.  

Please check out my books and hopefully you will find something you like. If not, please check back as I am constantly adding new books to the catalogue.  

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